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XZ180 Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

XZ180 Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
Product Detailed

Drill rod automatic handling
Automatic anchoring
Double-speed power unit
Rubber belt track
Floating vice

I. Technical Characteristics

Drill rod automatic handling:  dill rod automatic handling device can increase work efficiency, reduce work strength and manual misoperation of the operators, reduce the number of construction staff and cut down construction cost.

Automatic anchoring:  Hydraulic oil cylinder and low-speed large torque motor control the drilling and back extraction of anchor rod. High anchoring force, easy and convenient operation.

Double-speed power unit:  run at low speed in drilling and back extraction to ensure smooth construction; receiving and unloading  drill rod  without load can slide at a double speed  when moving back and forth, to reduce aid time and increase  work efficiency.

Rubber belt track: with minimum impact on the pedestrian way, lawn and landscape.

Floating vice: the floating vice of exclusive technology of out company is used, extending the service life of drill rod effectively. 

Rotatable operation desk:  enlarge the field of the operators’ view and relieve their fatigue.

Unique carriage design: tapping angle adjustment and positioning of drilling machine is convenient and fast.

Convenient maintenance: engine cover is reasonable in design, engine maintenance and replacement of filter element of hydraulic system is easy and convenient.

Wide scope of application: 97kW high-power turbine added-torque engine is adopted, which can increase power instantly in the event of complex geology, ensuring drilling power.

II. Major technical parameters

Engine model


Cummins 6BT5.9-C130

Rated power of the engine



Maximum extracting/drilling force



Maximum torque of power unit



Revolving speed of power unit



Maximum diameter of counter boring



Length of drill rod(single)


Length of drill rod(single)

Diameter of drill rod



Drilling angle



Maximum flow of mortar



Maximum pressure of mortar



Whole machine quality



Overall dimensions




1. Main frame

Main frame mainly consists of main carriage and left and right undercarriage unit. Left and right undercarriages are integrated with main carriage by high strength bolt, and the main carriage is equipped with hydraulic outrigger at the end. Undercarriage reduction gear adopts hidden undercarriage reduction gear (including motor), with large output torque and compact structure.

2. Engine system 

6BT5.9-C130 turbocharged water-cooling engine of Dongfeng Cummins is used, with the rated power of engine being 97KW/2200RPM,and water radiator of blast type

3. Power unit

As the main working mechanism of the machine, power unit adopts double hydraulic motor driven gearbox, which can be connected in series and parallel and revolve at a high and low speed.

4. Push and pull device of power unit

Push and pull device of power unit provides feeding force or extraction force to power unit by chain through low-speed large torque motor, reduction gear, drive chain wheel and chain. It can run at a high and low speed and increase efficiency. Drilling frame angle is adjusted by oil cylinder, to achieve an appropriate drilling angle.  

5. Drill rod access unit

It consists of drill rod, drill rod box, undercarriage, extension shuttle arm and bracket. Lifting, moving out or in and other movements of the drill rod can be realized by hydraulically driven cylinder and hydraulic motor. Automatic loading and unloading of drill rod can be carried out conveniently, reducing work strength of the operators and increasing work efficiency.

6. High-strength drill rod clamper

It includes upper vice and lower vice, with the former having two movements, i.e. clamping and revolving. Drill rod screw thread can be tightened or released by the movements of upper and lower vice in coordination with shift of power unit. Besides, flexible buffer unit can reduce wearing of drill rod screw thread.

7. Anchoring unit

Anchor mechanism is used for anchoring of the whole machine, increasing operation stability of the whole machine. Oil cylinder is adopted for pressurization, and anchor rod is driven by low-speed large torque motor to drill in or out.

8. Mortar system

Mortar pump is horizontal three-cylinder reciprocating single-action piston pump, driven by hydraulic motor. The maximum mortar flow occurs at the same level, and 2m3 or 3m3 agitation tanks can be selected.

9. Electric system

Main control functions: automatic loading and unloading of engine, mortar pump, vice and drill rod, revolution and push and pull of power unit, drilling monitoring, etc. It consists of left console, right console, relay box and positioning console.

10. Hydraulic system

It adopts gear pump driven hydraulic system, with high tolerance to contamination. Revolution of power unit and push and pull of power unit are driven respectively by different oil pumps, to avoid interference of actions in pipe laying. All key hydraulic elements adopt famous-brand products, in order to increase product reliability.

IV. Technical documents

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